Glenn Lives! Everyone Else Is Screwed

walking dead glenn steven yen

Sorry to put you through all that emotional turmoil.


I’m glad Glenn is alive. Really.  However the fucking wall breach right on the heels of the balloons is just too fucking soap opera. So… Scott Gimple, show runner for Walking Dead… this is just for you, buddy.

Dear Scott Gimple

I Do Not Fear The Walking Dead


Don’t Fear The Reaper

Alright guys, let’s discuss AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. It’s amazing to me that AMC has somehow managed to squeeze more juice out of the Walking Dead franchise, what with the show itself. Talking Dead and numerous video games I figured that this franchise had been squeezed dry, I was wrong. Fear is a prequel to The Walking Dead featuring less interesting people, a less interesting location and annoying kids. Despite the fact that the premise is interesting enough and many people would like to see how the zombie apocalypse began this show just doesn’t have any life to it.

The two leads are relatable enough. Kim Dickens as Madison, and Cliff Curtis as Travis are fine actors, but the characters are forgettable. So is the show. It’s so forgettable that I had to look up their character names on Wikipedia.

This show makes for decent Sunday night television, but pales in comparison to other AMC properties like Hell on Wheels and The Walking Dead. What is it with AMC and really really annoying kids? Between Carl in Walking Dead,  and the kids in Fear, the apocalypse may just be a blessing.

Think Of The Children

There are three kids in Fear.  Nick, Madison’s son, who is a college dropout and junkie because of course he is.  Alicia, Madison’s model student daughter who also proves herself to be a snooty, snarky, eye rolling little twat, who’s only interesting quality is that they stuck her in an interracial relationship. GASP! Nice try AMC, and last, least and everything else in between, Travis’s son Christopher, Christopher naturally resents his dad because ya know, that’s what TV/movie kids do.

Location Location Location

One of the biggest issues with this show is simply the location.  Los Angeles is as sterile and devoid of life as an abortion clinic, and it’s OVERDONE. People should be banned from making films and shows that take place in LA. That place has zero personality. it’s like God held the US by the East Coast, gave it a good shake and all the people who aren’t self absorbed assholes managed to hang on.

Think about it.  Entourage, garbage. I don’t care what you say, Entourage was garbage. True Detective season 2, garbage.  Now this, not quite garbage, but would have been much much better with a better location.

Guys, I ain’t telling you not to watch Fear, if you love The Walking Dead you might want to try it, but if not, you might want to skip this one, after all, Rick and Morty is on on Sunday night too and you wouldn’t want to miss that

……….would you?

Would You???

Would You???