Fallout 4 vs Mighty Dale


2 Hour Battle

In Fallout 4

 Mighty Dale was almost vanquished by Fallout 4, but he prevailed. There is a lesson in this. 

Persistence is the key. Or, simply making sure you have enough ammo. In any case, learn from Mighty Dale. Gaming requires fearlessness and persistence. 


Rise Of The Tomb Raider – Day One First Glance

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The New Lara Croft

vs The Ancient Order Of Dicks

This game is excellent. Dale will do his usual thorough write up once he finishes, but this is a good sense of how it felt upon first taste.

The links below have some game footage that is just beautiful. Again, this isn’t the review, just the first impressions.

A Watery Grave Narrowly Avoided


Mountains. Ice. Awesomeness




It’s like playing an Indiana Jones movie. It’s that good.

Ash vs. The Evil Dead Is Even Better Than We Hoped

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell

Hit It Out of the Park

This is the initial, in the moment, commentary between Mark and Dale. Mark is in Portland, and Dale is in Manhattan.

sam raimi star evil dead

ash vs the evil deaddeadites starz bruce campbell


sam dean ash supernatural ship

“Smile at her face is an inside joke re: Mark and Christy Turlington

D ale is going to write a full review on Ash vs the Evil Dead, tomorrow. Come back and see!