The Walking Dead: Attics Exist

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So Many Dumb Things

I love the Walking Dead. I’m glad Glenn is alive. I really am. I think it’s awesome that the wall has been breached. That is a great plot point. It provides a nice nail biter to wrap up the (totally bullshit, and unnecessary) mid season finale.

Now let’s get into the meat of the episode, and why I think it was pretty lame.


The number of zombies surrounding the town doesn’t seem insurmountable to me. They could pick off 50 a day, every day, and whittle them down, without all the horrible existential crises the residents endure. They did it at the prison, all day, every day. Granted the perimeter was much smaller but the concept is the same. Until the wall is breached, they have nothing but time and relative safety.


The houses are, apparently, adequate shelter when the wall is breached. That is until teen angst fucks everything up. That fight was kind of stilted, and of course they break the window on the door. Until that point, everyone in a house is safe, because the zombies don’t know they’re there.

Why don’t people have contingencies for this? Rick’s been there long enough to cobble together a plan to either secure one room per house, or… have a plan to wreck the stairs so that people can safely chill upstairs if their home is breached. That’s Zombie 101. It’s in the Zombie Survival Guide.

Attics Exist

Staircases and safe rooms aside… what the fuck about attics? These homes may not have good old fashioned, haunted house style attics, but they surely have a storage space accessible through a hole in the ceiling. You probably have one wherever you’re reading this. Look up. If zombies came in, you could get up there and be 100% safe until shit died down.

Why the fuck didn’t Rick do that with the kids? Pop Sam (the loose cannon), Carl, and Judith, up in the crawlspace? Carl would be up there to take care of the other two, because Carl can handle shit if things go South. Zombies can’t climb. That’s a better tactical decision than putting a guaranteed failure into your escape plan.


Instead they bring a baby and a crazy kid, who can’t function (he never shut off the goddamn record) out into the zombies. ALSO… the gore is effective, but it’s hardly ever used. Think of all the situations the gore would have been handy in. It feels like a Deus Ex Machina, when there doesn’t need to be one. Besides they just used a deus ex machina with Glenn, the week before. It feels cheap.

We are forced to endure this.

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Really? Sloppy as fuck.

All because kids in danger raise the anxiety level for viewers. It’s cheap and poorly done, in my opinion. It’s so unnecessary. Throw the kids in the attic. That’s what Rick & Co. would have done. Rick’s not going to throw his baby under a stinky tarp and traipse out to zombie village. Of course he wouldn’t. It’s stupid. The whole situation is false and forced because it makes for “better tv”.  Bullshit. It’s a hack move.

Oh, and Sam?


Glenn Lives! Everyone Else Is Screwed

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Sorry to put you through all that emotional turmoil.


I’m glad Glenn is alive. Really.  However the fucking wall breach right on the heels of the balloons is just too fucking soap opera. So… Scott Gimple, show runner for Walking Dead… this is just for you, buddy.

Dear Scott Gimple