Tragedy strikes not once but twice

David Bowie rest in peace

There will never be another. R.I.P.

David Bowie Has Died

Rest In Peace, Star Man

Ladies and Gentleman, it is with an extremely heavy heart that I write this post. Honestly, I wish I didn’t have to write this, but David Bowie has passed away. I found out just a moment ago (It’s 2 am in NYC), and I’m literally stunned. David Bowie had an immense career and was a musical powerhouse.

David Bowie released his first album in 1967, that is nearly 50 years of musical excellence. His death is a true loss to the world, and to music.  The man was a true talent and a true individual, something the modern music industry sorely lacks. They certainly don’t make them like Bowie anymore.

The world needs artists like David Bowie, to show us all that true individualism, exists and is no bar to success, and despite all the success one can still be a kind human being. Today we all lost a genius, an enigma, a titan that walked amongst us, and somebody the world was lucky to have in the first place.

I’d like to write more about the man and his music, but I honestly had trouble writing this much. I simply don’t know how to put my heartbreak into words. That is the effect David Bowie had on me, and I’m sure many others. M

y friend and co author Mark texted me earlier and told me that he was going to try to sleep but was doubtful that he could. The death of David Bowie robbed a man who’s never met him of sleep. That is a sign that a great man has passed.

With that said, and with a heavy heart I simply say Rest In Peace, David Bowie.  You will be sorely missed and never ever forgotten. Bowie himself said “We could be heroes just for one day” well, you will be a hero to millions for the rest of time, so thank you and goodbye.

Speaking of “Heroes” this is Mark’s favorite ever performance of the song, from 2002. The man was a master, a genius, an archetype, a legend.

R.I.P. Lemmy – Killed By Death

lemmy kilmister motorhead dead

Death of an Archetype

Death Of A Titan

Motorhead Is No More

Metal icon and Motorhead frontman Lemmy died yesterday, aged 70. This should not surprise anyone, but it affected almost everyone. Lemmy was the top trending subject on Twitter yesterday, and is till in the top 5 a day later. That wouldn’t have mattered to Lemmy, but I think it’s incredibly telling. Twitter is not known for it’s high population of metalheads.

Lemmy’s death affected so many people not because of the loss of a metal god, but because he was Lemmy. A restrictive society like ours needs outliers like Lemmy, or Keith Richards, or Hunter Thompson. We need people to have fun for us, since so many of us can’t have fun ourselves. Someone has to live life for the rest of us, and Lemmy was one of those people.

marge simpson lemmy meme

anybody but lemmy

I never owned a Motorhead album, and I don’t think I know any of their songs, aside from Ace of Spades, but I was bummed to see that Lemmy is no more. He was an original. He was hilarious. He was wild. He was able to live a life being Lemmy, and people paid for that. Rest in Peace, Lemmy.

lemmy humor funny tweet

Deep wisdom from a master