Lemmy’s Livestreamed Memorial Service Was Great

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A Quarter Million People Paid Their Respects Online.

Lemmy Kilmister

You Will Be Missed

I watched most of the live streamed memorial service for the late Motorhead legend, Lemmy. It was sweet, sad, touching… all the things memorials are. It was also occasionally slimy and showbizzy. Rob Halford name checking myriad PR firms, managers, etc. before speaking was a perfect example.

It was the stories that were sweet. Lemmy was, in the words of those who knew him, a wonderful guy. Funny, kind, generous, and completely rock and roll. It was moving.

What impressed me the most was the number of people online (250,000 +/- at any time), and the diversity of languages in the comments. Lemmy was a global icon. He truly was a legend and he is missed. Well done, sir.

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Myriad cultures embraced Lemmy. Fitting tribute, that.

R.I.P. Lemmy – Killed By Death

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Death of an Archetype

Death Of A Titan

Motorhead Is No More

Metal icon and Motorhead frontman Lemmy died yesterday, aged 70. This should not surprise anyone, but it affected almost everyone. Lemmy was the top trending subject on Twitter yesterday, and is till in the top 5 a day later. That wouldn’t have mattered to Lemmy, but I think it’s incredibly telling. Twitter is not known for it’s high population of metalheads.

Lemmy’s death affected so many people not because of the loss of a metal god, but because he was Lemmy. A restrictive society like ours needs outliers like Lemmy, or Keith Richards, or Hunter Thompson. We need people to have fun for us, since so many of us can’t have fun ourselves. Someone has to live life for the rest of us, and Lemmy was one of those people.

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anybody but lemmy

I never owned a Motorhead album, and I don’t think I know any of their songs, aside from Ace of Spades, but I was bummed to see that Lemmy is no more. He was an original. He was hilarious. He was wild. He was able to live a life being Lemmy, and people paid for that. Rest in Peace, Lemmy.

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Deep wisdom from a master