MiniFig Flying Hellfish Reunion

simpsons lego grampa mr burns minifig

The newspaper and fish bowl make it.

Lego Simpsons

Minifigs From My Friend

My friend Adam came home today and just handed these to me. “Merry Christmas!” he said. I was elated. Not just at the surprise gifts, but at the details.

I am an old Gen X dude. I remember the Simpsons when they were fucking funny. Yes. Back in my day. I know. It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

grandpa simpson old man yells at cloud newspaper

This was my profile pic on Facebook for awhile.

Old Man Yells At Cloud

Abe Simpson holds a newspaper that says, ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ with his picture. Brilliant. The faces are super perfectly detailed. I am not a Lego person, being an adult male, but these are cool as hell.

Three Eyed Fish & Plutonium Rod

Mr. Burns is another winner. The little fishbowl is so tiny yet so detailed. Mighty Dale lost his shit when I sent him the pic of my prizes. Apparently they hold some appeal to people. It’s ok. They’re not going anywhere.

They have become… precious… to me.