Stop Thinking With Your Dick

south park jimmy thinking with your dick

South Park Is The Cassandra Of Our Time

The Wisdom Of South Park

Season 19 of South Park is shaking things up. That’s no surprise since South Park is often about social issues. The episode where Cartman cooked Scott Tennerman’s parents was about anti-vaxxers, for instance.

I made that screen grab from last night’s episode, featuring Jimmy and former anchormen vs advertising. It sounds dumb and it is, but it also isn’t, because of the wisdom above.

jimmy south park season 19 pc principal

She d-d-doesn’t know she’s an ad, does she?

Jimmy starts rationalizing the existence of ads in human form, because he likes one of them. She’s cute. So the anchormen try to bring him back to his sense by saying, “You’re thinking with your dick. Stop thinking with your dick.” Yes. If we can all stop thinking with our dick, or lady dick as it were, then we could all be free of the constant barrage of neurolinguistic programming to which we’re subjected. Here endeth the lesson. Penus.