Supernatural Returns This Week

supernatural cw winchesters season 11 january 2016

“I got a Sam!”

The Wait Is Over

Sam Vs Lucifer: Cage Match

Thank Christ the long wait is over. We’ve been without (many) good shows since mid December, and no tv and no sex make Mark something something. Aya Cash (Gretchen from You’re The Worst) gave me a list of shows to watch in the meantime, but I am glad my shows are coming back.

Supernatural is coming this Wednesday January 20th, and will (hopefully) let us know what happened once Sammy got in the Cage with Lucifer. I predict happiness and good things. I”m usually right about these things. We already know that Bobby is making a return this season, so things are definitely looking good for the rest of Season 11.

Supernatural dropped a hilarious promo for their return. Crowley and his (hot) mom opening presents around the tree. Adorable. “I got a Sam!”  says lil’ Crowley to the milfy red-nosed Rowena.

I love that this show is funny, and doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s what makes the show worth watching for 11 seasons. Thanks Ben Edlund for instilling humor in the franchise.

I imagine Mighty Dale will write a nice review of the new episode, so keep your eyes open for that. Are you going to watch?

Deadwood Revival

timothy oliphant deadwood calamity jane

At Long Last! More Deadwood!

More Deadwood!

More Swearing & Swearengen

Today came with good  news! not only is it Friday but, a decade after an inglorious cancellation that just left the show hanging, the beloved HBO series Deadwood is returning. It will be in the form of a movie, which works just fine for this guy.

Deadwood is the story of the denizens of the filthy Western gold mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota, the good, the bad and the just plain slimy.


Like these two

About The Past. Ahead Of Its Time

Deadwood was a show that was  far ahead of it’s time. whether it was the brutal subject matter (prostitution, racism, myriad addictions, murder, rape), the foul language (so many cocksuckers) or just rising actor costs, that got it prematurely cancelled, it’s generally held that this show has been long overdue for a revival.  No show was able to boast so much bad language per episode without seeming to try too hard to push buttons, so let’s talk about

Why Deadwood was so goddamn good.

One of the first things about Deadwood that stands out to me is the moral ambiguity. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely good guys and bad guys. However, the good guys aren’t always squeaky clean and the bad guys aren’t filthy to the core. Decency can be found in the worst scoundrel, and the best person can be an occasional …. well, cocksucker.

There is no mustache twirling in Deadwood. Everybody just wants to get by, and survive in a world that is far more brutal than anything we can imagine.  Since, at this time,  Deadwood wasn’t even part of the United States, due to it being on Sioux land, brutality and lawlessness was through the roof. It was the rule of the strongest, and biggest badass. Which is brings us to….

Al Swearengen

 It is no secret that Ian McShane’s slimy, brutal, ambitious Al Swearengen is the stand out star of a show full of great characters, and actors. McShane plays the character perfectly. He is a murderer, thief and woman beater, but every now and again we see a softer side to Al. Especially when it comes to the prostitute Trixie (Paula Malcomson), whom Al seems to genuinely care for. He went so far as to murder an innocent prostitute to pass off for Trixie when season 3’s villain wanted her dead. Trixie is Al’s soft spot, despite him frequently dishing her out brutal beatings.

ian mcshane deadwood cocksucker swearengen

You will never hear this word so often anywhere else.

It’s a Western. Westerns are few and far between on television these days, and good ones are even farther and fewer between. Deadwood broke the mold when it comes to Westerns on television, because since they were on HBO, they could have swearing, and nudity, and mayhem. There hasn’t been a tv western this good since. Hell on Wheels gives a valiant try but never hits the same highs as Deadwood. The Western is a truly American art form, and it’s great to see one not only being aired, but being revived after a decade.

The Goddamn Swearing

Language. Never in my life have I heard so many swears in one hour of television. These guys swear every other word and they aren’t afraid to use the really bad ones either. The idea was to be accurate to the way frontier people spoke, but they updated the swears so they would resonate with a contemporary audience.  I could write more on this, but anybody who is reading this already knows can extrapolate.

Great Cast. Great Characters

The characters. I could have talked about this earlier but I really wanted to talk about Al Swearengen separately, considering he was really the standout as far as I’m concerned.

robin weigert calamity jane deadwood western hbo reunion

Calamity Jane always at her best

So let’s talk about some of the rest here. Deadwood was full of characters, each one as unique as the town in which they lived. Whether it be the unflappable Seth Bullock (Justified’s Timothy Olyphant), the incredible Calamity Jane (played masterfully by Robin Weigert), the aforementioned Trixie,  the drug addicted widow of high social standing, Alma Garret (House of Card’s Mollie Parker), or the consumptive town doctor who suffers in his helplessness (medicine was shit back then), played by veteran character actor Brad Dourif. All these characters populate Deadwood and fill it with a unique flare and help create an environment brimming with possibilities and adventures. Nobody is one dimensional.


Seriously guys save this gif to your phone, you will use it all the time

Overall I can’t really express how thrilled I am to see such a quality television show come back. I’m also thrilled to see that people are interested enough in a show like this to bring it back. Good work, guys!  I used to believe that people just didn’t like shows that made them use their brains too much.  I believe that may be changing, which bodes well for a slew of other great shows that ended long before their time, Rome and Hannibal to name a few, so all in all, this is awesome.