Fallout 4 Update: A Power Suit for the Post Nuclear Age

fallout 4 animated gif

This game is super fun

Commonwealth Chic

Fallout 4 Is A Fuckton Of Fun

So just a quick update on my progression in Fallout 4. I’m having a fuck ton of fun with this game, despite it being massively frustrating. I’m not too far in the game but I’ve made some solid progress with side quests. I usually like to do a bunch of side quests before I really dive into the story mode, so I can go into it with as much power as possible. This is the wisdom of Mighty Dale.

My character is shaping up well. He’s just starting to become a force to be reckoned with in the Commonwealth Wasteland.  He’s also impeccably dressed. The mere sight of him breeds feelings of bravery and patriotism, while also instilling fear in the hearts of super mutants and punk ass raiders.

fallout 4 awesome costume

Hey girl. Wanna find out why the call me The Minuteman?

Settlement Building Is Also A Fuckton Of Fun

I’m finally starting to get a few weapons, and my settlements are really starting to shape up. The settlement building turned out to be one of my favorite aspects of the game.  It’s a hugely creative undertaking and since Fallout 4 is an RPG, deep down inside this level of customization is a truly fun thing to play around with. It gives the player the opportunity to choose what they want to focus on, and build their own post apocalyptic community. I’ve focused mostly on The Castle and Sanctuary. As far as weapons go, all I can say is the fat man, h-o-l-y  f-u-c-k that thing is awesome, it’s like a catapult for a little nuke.

fallout 4 big man

Yes, it is huge. Thanks for noticing.


I’m still not too far into this game but I can’t wait to get deeper into the story mode, and immerse myself in the Commonwealth. I’m excited to see what happens in the end and I’m excited to get a full review of my experience up.  I’ll catch you guys later.


Fallout 4 vs Mighty Dale


2 Hour Battle

In Fallout 4

 Mighty Dale was almost vanquished by Fallout 4, but he prevailed. There is a lesson in this. 

Persistence is the key. Or, simply making sure you have enough ammo. In any case, learn from Mighty Dale. Gaming requires fearlessness and persistence. 

Fallout 4: At First Glance

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What a way to wake up

Vault 111: House of Horrors

It Begins

Hey guys, just a quick update. I have began Fallout 4 and needless to say it started off with a bang, quite literally. The shit hits the fan real fast in this game, and it wasn’t long before the action kicked into gear.

I’m not far in this game but already I have witnessed a nuclear explosion, been frozen for 200 years, seen my wife get shot in the face, seen my baby get kidnapped, fought giant roaches and a deathclaw. But one aspect has really stood out to me is that Codsworth (my character’s robot butler/nanny) is a total and complete asshole, I catch up with his robotic, flame throwing ass after I left Vault 111 and after he tells me I’ve been frozen for 200 years he proceeds to quip in his upper crust British accent “You’re 2 centuries late for dinner.”

dean winchester reaction facepalm gif

What the fuck did you just say to me, Codsworth?

So far I’m having a good time with the game, expect a full review sometime in the future, not making any promises as to when because this game is huge but I will get to it. Hopefully I’ll get to spend a lot of time with it over the next few weeks.

If you’re new to the site that means I’ll have an in-depth, long ass review for you, a la my Lara Croft review.

I’m off to explore the Commonwealth!