Supernatural Returns This Week

supernatural cw winchesters season 11 january 2016

“I got a Sam!”

The Wait Is Over

Sam Vs Lucifer: Cage Match

Thank Christ the long wait is over. We’ve been without (many) good shows since mid December, and no tv and no sex make Mark something something. Aya Cash (Gretchen from You’re The Worst) gave me a list of shows to watch in the meantime, but I am glad my shows are coming back.

Supernatural is coming this Wednesday January 20th, and will (hopefully) let us know what happened once Sammy got in the Cage with Lucifer. I predict happiness and good things. I”m usually right about these things. We already know that Bobby is making a return this season, so things are definitely looking good for the rest of Season 11.

Supernatural dropped a hilarious promo for their return. Crowley and his (hot) mom opening presents around the tree. Adorable. “I got a Sam!”  says lil’ Crowley to the milfy red-nosed Rowena.

I love that this show is funny, and doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s what makes the show worth watching for 11 seasons. Thanks Ben Edlund for instilling humor in the franchise.

I imagine Mighty Dale will write a nice review of the new episode, so keep your eyes open for that. Are you going to watch?

Hello Darkness my old Friend

Image courtesy of Laura Nickelle

Image courtesy of Laura Nickelle

Supernatural Season 11

Darkness Darkness

Ladies and gentleman, Supernatural is back, and damn does it feel good. This is one of my favorite times of year. NYC is beautiful in fall, the weather gets nice and cool, the NHL season starts and epic weeks of TV return.

So, we last saw Sam and Dean sitting in their impala waiting to get engulfed by The Darkness, who inexplicably winds up being a hot woman. She sweeps Dean away to safety, giving Sam the shaft. Overall this episode felt like good, old school Supernatural, which is great because the last few seasons have been catering to the tween crowd. This gave it epic ratings, but dumbed it down immensely.

Fear not,  even the coveted humor returned in the Season 11 premiere.  Supernatural has always done humor so well, especially during the Ben Edlund (The Tick) years. Naturally there were some weak elements, Cas’s story line never really landed, but for the most part this felt like a return to form for the once great show.


Let’s talk about some of the aspects that made this episode great. Crowley smoking out and into the body of a kinky woman just before an orgy was hilarious, especially since he didn’t call for help from his fellow demons until after the orgy.  We all knew he wasn’t going to stay in that female meat suit forever. Eric Kripke and company would never risk losing the brilliant Mark Sheppard. Catching up with Crowley is always fun but he usually seems to be one step ahead of everybody so it was fun to the king of hell so out of sorts.


Me too, Crowley. Me too.

The Winchester Boys

The big triumph in this episode was Sam and Dean’s arc. Those two have been keeping secrets, and fucking one another over, for a few years now. This has resulted in a sharp decline in the quality of the show (that and catering to fangirls who think the boys are super dreamy), but now they seem to be more or less on the same page.

The Winchesters work best as a team, and when they coordinate there are very few situations they can’t handle. The most satisfying thing was Sam and Dean’s moment of clarity about how they’ve been behaving. Those of us that remember the good old days of this show remember that they would always try to help people, whether that be exorcising demons from the possessed or locking up people with supernatural afflictions, until they could figure out how to fix it.

When did we forget how to do this?

They lost sight of that goal in recent years and began to, as Sam said, “shoot first and ask questions later, if at all.” This was a huge step for the show, and a step in the right direction. and it gets back some of the mojo.

Sam asks Dean, “When did we forget how to do this?” For a show that does meta so well this was clearly not just a question posed within the show,  but also a statement from the writers and show runners. It was a tacit admission that somewhere along the road so far they took a wrong turn, lost their way and dragged us all along with them. But guys, for those of us who stuck it out and tried our best to enjoy the ride, this might just be a signal of the turning of the tide, a clock spinning backwards to the good old times.

Bigger Brothers

Lucifer and Michael were mentioned, warning their supernatural ilk of the danger that is the Darkness, from their cage. These two were the only ones on the show who were around during the war between God and The Darkness, and could provide valuable information about it/her.  Not without being released from the cage first, so the stakes are as high as this show gets.

IMO, their best season was season 5, involving both Michael and Lucifer, so hopefully these two will be put into play further down the line, Lucifer can provide a certain mental trauma for Sam, as Sam was locked in the cage with Lucifer, and Dean and Michael are no fans of one another, but watching an uneasy alliance to fight The Darkness could prove to be a ton of fun and weave some great stories for this show going forward.