Aaaaaaaand we’re back


Hey guys and girls, Mighty Dale here. I haven’t written a post in quite some time. I was a tad busy with the holidays and such. 

Mark has filled in ably however, the blog is called Dale of the Dead not Mark of the Dead.

I can’t name something after myself then say fuck it and bail. There went my parenting plan. So it’s time for my return to the blog which I love.


So just a quick update on what’s to come. I’m having a killer time with Star Wars: Battlefront so I’ll be getting a review of the full game up sometime in the near future. Also we have Fallout 4 coming up, and there are a few movies that I’m excited to see. I’ll be throwing up reviews for those as well, including The Revenant and The Witch among others. 

Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be posting a review of the entire first season of Ash vs Evil Dead so keep an eye out for that, and that’s about it. 

Happy 2016 everybody may you all get laid more, have more fun, make a million bucks and be your best selves whatever that may be, so say we all.


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